Creative Walk Workshop with Catherine Greenwood

Price: £ 75

Time: 10.00am - 16.00pm

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Dates:  29th June

Where: Saltmarsh farmhouse

These 1-day workshops are designed for individuals of all levels. Catherine will lead a workshop and walk that aims to give confidence to people sketching outdoors in the elements, to allow them space and time to connect with the natural world through art.

Using graphite, inks charcoal and watercolor in sketchbooks especially given for the day, Catherine will offer art tuition to create your own work of art with a focus on the landscape at Cuckmere Haven.

Starting at Saltmarsh farmhouse with tea and cake followed by a walk out in the Cuckmere Haven valley with Catherine, following the meanders towards the sea or up through Friston forest overlooking the valley.

Returning to Saltmarsh for a buffet lunch in the welcoming farmhouse setting, we will have an opportunity to review our work in the sketchbooks - and make a new piece of work using the sketches as starting points. Table top Mono printing will be offered as a way of making your sketches into a work of art.


• Sketchbook: A5 - supplied

Black Charcoal pencil and this - Supplied

Graphite and printing paper- Supplied


Printing Ink | Caligo waterbased - Supplied

Print Roller - Supplied

Watercolour Box - Not Supplied

• Masking tape

• Erasers


Contour drawing: A method of drawing for deciphering and describing edges eg: landscape, clouds.

Markmaking: applies to varied media, particularly in relation to exploring the qualities of drawing materials, graphite, charcoal, pen, and ink.

Tonal value: Thinking in black and white! Consists of 10 values ranging from white to black, with several shades of gray in between, specifically looking for areas of intense light and dark, for example when thinking about the quality of light in the sky, or shapes in the land.

Form: When drawing representationally, the goal is to create the illusion of form. We can create the illusion of form by understanding how light reacts on the object.

Perspective: a challenge to draw what you see, or what you know. we will discuss detailed, distant or aerial perspective.

Mono Print: method of creating a unique print, sometimes built up in layers, printing by hand, drawing in reverse on paper and picking up ink from a slab beneath.


• Meet Caz at Saltmarsh for coffee and Cake at 10
• Her inspiration, short presentation of artists sketchbook

• Introduction to various materials used in the workshop and learning goals.
• Preparing materials for location drawing
• Drawing in the Cuckmere valley landscape and coastline

• Return to Saltmarsh for a buffet lunch
• Prepare materials in Turkey Barn for Mono Printing from sketchbook work.
• Taking your location drawing further into the world of print.

•Your print will be covered with tissue and will need transporting flat, preferably in a folder or small portfolio. It will need further drying and flattening for up to one week.


Clothing: Please keep and eye on the weather and judge accordingly.
Backpack and or sling bag: To carry artist materials and anything else you wish.

Food: Tea & Cake on arrival and Full Buffet lunch Please let Saltmarsh know ahead of time about any dietary requirements. Materials: A basic starter kit will be supplied, however, please do bring your own sketchbook.

Camera or ipad- can be a useful tool to record your work and extra inspiration from your walk.