Introduction to Drawing the Landscape & Sky in Charcoal with Nic De Jesus

Price: £ 75

Time: 10.00am - 16.00pm

Level: Beginner - Intermediate (Advance are very welcome to join in for the day)

Dates: 28 June

Where: Saltmarsh farmhouse

These 1-day workshops are designed for individuals of all levels.  If you're looking to reconnect with nature through art this is for you. Nic guides you in creating your own work of art with a focus on drawing the landscape & sky in charcoal.

You'll begin at Saltmarsh farmhouse with tea and cake followed by a walk out in the Cuckmere Haven valley with Nic, heading towards the sea. You'll return to Saltmarsh for a buffet lunch. After lunch, we'll explore the compositions we created in our sketchbooks - selecting one drawing as a reference to begin working on our studio drawing. You'll leave Saltmarsh Farmhouse with your very own 10 x 8" drawing, inspired by our walk.


Sketchbook: A5/A4 - Not Supplied

• Charcoal - Supplied

White Charcoal Pencil - Not Supplied

Artist’s tape - Not Supplied

• Final artwork paper size- 10X8 inch

• Erasers - Not Supplied

• Shammy cloth or lint-free paper towel

• Orange acetate sheet: A4 


Additive drawing: A method of drawing through adding line and tone.

Reductive drawing: A method of drawing by pulling out or erasing light masses from a middle-tone ground.

Value scale: Consists of 10 values ranging from white to black, with several shades of gray in between. These shades of gray make up the “meat” of a drawing, and help to create the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality.

Form: When drawing representationally, the goal is to create the illusion of form. We can create the illusion of form by understanding how light reacts on the object.

Atmospheric perspective: Also known as aerial perspective refers to the technique of creating an illusion of depth by depicting distant objects as low in contrast & less detailed (out of focus)


Highlight: The point of highest intensity of light.

Light mass: The illuminated area of the object.

Turning: The mid-value border between the light and shadow.

Shadow mass: The area on the object, which is facing away from the light source.

Core shadow: The darkest area within the shadow, farthest from the light source.

Cast shadow: Shadow cast by the object onto another surface, opposite of the light source.


• Meet Nic at Saltmarsh for coffee and Cake at 10

• His inspiration

• What you will learn

• Brief history of charcoal drawing

• Introduction to various materials used in the workshop 

• Preparing materials for location drawing

• Drawing in the Cuckmere valley landscape and coastline

• Return to Saltmarsh for a buffet lunch

• Prepare materials in the Turkey Barn for 10 x 8 inch composition inspired by sketchbook drawings

• Taking your location drawing further

• Fixing your drawings to prevent smudging


Clothing: Please keep and eye on the weather and judge accordingly.

Backpack and or sling bag: To carry artist materials and anything else you wish.

Food:  Tea & Cake on arrival and Full Buffet lunch

Materials: A basic starter kit will be supplied, however, please do bring your own sketchbook.

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