We thought you’d like to read this as not much has changed and well, it sort of says it all…

"A Journal Entry"

Monday 20th February 2017

Me and my love Ella-Rae have just spent the most beautiful weekend at the Saltmarsh Farmhouse. Tucked away in the rolling hills of East Sussex, there is one valley that seems to satisfy every ecological craving. From waves of pasture, to the windy shore, cloud-white cliffs to the meandering river bed, the wondering woods through to the glistening salt marshes. A few days in the Seven Sisters Country Park gives you only a tease of what the stunning Sussex countryside has to offer.

After the weekend in the Saltmarsh, I feel welcomed as part of the family. I have never stayed in a place that feels so homely and comfortable. Open log fires, the smells and the taste of home cooked food, tame Robins, hardwood floors and kind hearted hosts. Our weekend was blessed with good weather and fortune, each morning starting with a chorus of birdsong through our open window, in harmony with a stream of sunlight hitting the bed. Following a beautifully slow Saturday morning of coffee and cake, we took to the beach. Past sheep and walkers we found ourselves in (comparatively) hot conditions, with the mighty reflection of the sun beneath the chalk cliffs. Satisfied after our paddle and February sunbath, we explored further; walking a-top the infamous Seven Sisters cliffs. The sea was calm and misty, giving a magical haze to the scenery. We stayed amongst the hills until we lost the sun, is a flurry of orange and yellows through the Winter haze. Me and Ella finished our day with a deserved glass back in the warmth of the farmhouse.

Our Sunday morning began with meeting Nina, the lovely owner of Saltmarsh. She showed us the grounds and recommended some walking routes for our expedition through the woods. We left the cozy farmhouse to explore the woodlands, that begin just next to the garden. The crisp air kept us on our toes, as we discovered quaint English beauty in the next village of Westdean. After buying some homemade chutney from a farm shop, we found a hill to picnic above the classic swell of the South Downs. We ran, played and philosophized; nestled in nature. Excited at the thought of getting comfortable once again in the arms of the Farmhouse, we made hast back, following the river bed and the last of the winter light. On return we witnessed two majestic stallions, racing beneath the towering Chalk Horse on the hill above them.

Our stay at the Saltmarsh Farmhouse was certainly a grounding that both me and Ella-Rae sorely needed. An escape from the manic city life, to remember the peace and calm nature continues to ebb and flow. We are so grateful to all of the welcoming family of Saltmarsh for having us, and look forward to a future return.